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About Us


Encap-It is backed by over 60 years of international manufacturing and service with close relationships around the globe with key entities like the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.  Located in the heart of the USA, our Indiana location makes us ideally suited to provide products to both business and end users.  Our founders have years of service in international sales and manufacturing assisting those in need of solutions in human and animal health.  Our main focus has been to provide solutions for preventing the spread of insect born disease, disinfecting/sanitization,  odor control and disaster relief.



Encap-it was created to provide quality products to help protect the health and well being of people and their surrounding environment.  We focus on using the latest and most innovative products and techniques to provide solutions to people in a responsible and effective manner.  As part of our mission we also feel it is the responsibility of people to constantly strive to protect the health and well being of both domesticated animals and livestock and their environment.



Helping people is one of the cornerstones of the Encap-it business model.  To reach people of all nationalities around the world we will soon announce the release of the virtual company known as “Encap-it Village”.  By leveraging our knowledge and experience in disease control and disaster relief, our mission will be to provide protective solutions to people who are in need in a timely manner.  Many times we will work with “First Responders” who are typically on the scene before most of the world aid arrives.  By providing Sprayers, Foggers, Bednets and other critical products in a timely manner, millions of lives can be saved every year.



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