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Agri-Line ASC™ Rotary Atomizers

(Rotary spray nozzles for aerial applications)

"Coverage You Can Count On Since 1947"


Since their debut in the mid 1980’s, ASC rotary atomizers have been a favorite among AG pilots. One main reason is the rugged, reliable design that has proven itself in applications worldwide. Designed by an AG pilot, the ASC is a result of more than 40 years of AG pilot experience flying different types of nozzles including other rotary atomizers. Also made popular by its low cost, aerodynamics and interchangeable spare parts, the ASC is truly the AG pilots choice for the absolute best droplet coverage.

The ASC design is compatible with existing aircraft pumping systems and flow monitors making them an ideal replacement for other nozzle types. Operating pressures are extremely low greatly reducing chances of leakage or premature pump failure. Flow rates of up to 15 gallons per minute per atomizer can be achieved with low pump pressure.

Why Choose ASC?

  • Precision Components
  • Years of Proven Performance
  • Superior Coverage
  • Worldwide Customer Support
  • Models available for both Fixed Wing and Helicopter
  • Rugged and Reliable Design
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Made in USA


"We've proven in the field over and over again ... when compared to high pressure nozzles, ASC's produce a more uniform droplet spectrum resulting in superior coverage."



1. Universal mounting strut fits a wide assortment of boom types

2. High strength reinforced blades

3. High quality shielded bearings

4. High speed Viton®V·Seal for added bearing protection

5. Secondary shutoff seal for fast positive shutoff

6. Perforated stainless steel cage

7. Stainless steel fasteners

8. Stainless steel main shaft

9. Hard anodized aluminum body

10. Standard VO-7 Variable Restrictor

11. Standard shutoff valve



  • General Agriculture
  • Migratory Pests
  • Public Health
  • Plantations
  • Forestry


ASE Technical Specifications:


ASC-A 10 Wind Driven (Fixed Wing)

ASC-A10H Wind Driven (Helicopter)



Aerodynamic cast mounting strut mounted to boom with stainless steel T - Bolt clamps & anti-slip pad



High strength graphite reinforced polymer (Used on A 10 and A10H)


Flow Control

Multiple restrictor orifices (Available)

Quick change variable VO-7 restrictor (standard-see photo)

Both for use with existing aircraft pumping system


Flow Capacity Per Atomizer:

A10 and A10H= 15 GPM (57 L)

100 oz/min (3 LPM)


Chemical Shutoff:

Double shutoff system via primary

Diaphragm and secondary valve


Droplet Size: (Adjustable)

A10 and A10H: 50-800 VMD


Operating Speed (Adjustable)

A10 and A10H: 500-10,000 RPM depending on droplet size requirement



A10 and A10H: 4lbs. (1.8 kg) ea.


Spares Kit

Each set of ASC atomizers are shipped with an Application/Owners Manual, hose, clamps, pipe fittings, sealant and other items necessary for field installation.


Motor Type

11.5-28 Volts DC, Brushless with closed loop speed regulation, dual shielded ball bearings



• High Volume Shutoff valve for high flow rate applications

• Multiple boom mounting clamp sizes available. Specify boom size when ordering.


To maintain the high quality product we reserve the right to make technical modifications at any time without prior notice.



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