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Dyna Jet L30

Dyna Jet L30

The DYNA-JET® L-30 is an entirely electric powered ULV generator that offers tremendous advantages over conventional ULV technology. The heart of the system is the digitally controlled highspeed rotary atomizer that produces the industry’s most consistently sized spray droplets not achievable by conventional nozzles. In addition, it features a unique remote controlled tilting head that allows for multi positioning of the spray. This high-powered nozzle system in combination with its high axial blower insures complete and thorough coverage. The lightweight, aluminum and stainless steel construction provides years of low maintenance and trouble free use. Because the Dyna-Jet® operates entirely on electric power, the unit is not susceptible to weight issues and maintenance expenses normally associated with gasoline powered equipment. The stealthy, whisper quiet operation of the DYNA-JET® makes late night adulticiding operations almost undetectable. The unit can be used in conjunction with the vehicle’s 12 VDC power source or solo operation via its own 12VDC battery. The L-30 can also be outfitted with the optional Dyna-Trax™ GPS tracking system and Syncroflow® radar flow control. These unique features arm the L-30 with the most advanced monitoring systems on the market today. All of the above make the L-30 the most effective weapon in your mosquito arsenal.


  • Atomizer Type High-speed rotary atomizer constructed of a safe high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material and precision balanced in 2-planes. (Atomizer dust cover and balanced spare atomizer assembly included).
  • Atomizer Motor 12 volt DC, brushless, high-speed shielded bearings.
  • Articulating Head Patented Power assisted adjustment via remote control of 55º (Vertical) and manually of 180º (Horizontal).
  • Blower Motor High-output 1,350 cubic feet/minute (38.2 cubic meters/minute)
  • Pumping System Positive displacement, FMI ceramic piston pump, stainless steel housing (0-20 oz/min, 0-591 ml/min), formulation
  • Anti-pulsing system (FAPS), tamper-resistant lockable cover (Maximum pre-set system flow rate: 14 oz/min. (414 ml/min)
  • Frame/Structure Anodized aluminum frame, powder coated aluminum blower housing, stainless steel base, stainless steel fasteners.
  • Formulation Tank 15 US gallon (57 liter), translucent HDPE with lockable cap.
  • Flush Tank 1 US gallon (3.8 liter), translucent HDPE
  • Formulation Filter 25 micron large capacity
  • Battery Enclosure Water-resistant enclosure, chemical-resistant stainless steel restraints. Note: Battery is not included with machine and is sold separately.
  • Remote Control Machine on/off, Spray on/off, formulation/flush selector, blower angle adjustment, digital battery meter with color LED bar graph, accumulative hour meter. (Backlit for night operations.)
  • Noise Level 70 dba Droplet Size 90% of particles below 20 Microns (VMD)
  • Current Draw 30 Amps maximum (@14 oz/min., 414 ml/min)
  • Machine Weight 105 lbs. (47.6 kg) (empty); 147 lbs. (66.5 kg) with optional battery
  • Machine Dimensions 44” L x 29” W x 39” H (112 x 74 x 99 cm)
  • Shipping Information 46” L x 36” W x 46” H (117 x 91 x 118 cm)
  • Weight 223 lbs. (101.6 kg)
  • Machine Options 12 Volt Heavy-Duty Deep Cycle Battery, 12 Volt High-Performance Optima Battery with AC Charging Kit, Syncroflow™ Radar Flow Control, Dyna-Trax® GPS Tracking System, Application Specific Formulation Filters, Water-Resistant Machine Cover, Digital Tachometer, AC Timer Kit, Large Capacity Filter Kit


Price: $14,304



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