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Hurricane ES

Hurricane ES

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The Hurricane ES ™ utilizes proven electrostatic technology to charge each  droplet to  provide effective application of formulations.  The droplets stay separated due to the charged nature allowing uniform, even coverage on entire target surface every time.  It is ideal for use in spraying commercial and residential areas.


Hotels, schools, greenhouses, warehouses, medical facilities, sanitation, germicidal treatments and disease control programs are just a few of the markets where the Hurricane ES™ is used.


  • Precision flow and droplet control
  • Uniform and consistent coverage
  • Droplet size can be controlled for both ULV and residual spraying


  • Adjustable flow rates:    0-9 oz/min (0-266 ml/min)
  • Particle size:    5-50 microns (VMD)
  • Tank capacity:    1 gallon (3.8 liters)
  • Length:    11.5 in or 29.2 cm
  • Width:    10 in or 25.4 cm
  • Height:    14 in or 35.6 cm
  • Weight (Empty):    7.5 lbs. or 3.4 kg


Price: $699



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