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The sensational new Mini-Lite is one of the lightest, handiest, and inexpensive ULV applicators in the world.  It is the ultimate in convenience and efficifency with comfort and ease of operation.  Built to aircraft tolerances to achieve lightweight and superior performance in all applications, the Mini-Lite can be quickly mounted on a small utility vehicle, such as a golf cart or ATV, for mosquitoe and fly control.


With the optional remote spray nozzle kit, you can spray in areas where vehicle travel is prohibited such as warehouses, backyards, ballparks, etc.


Small enough to store inside an auto trunk and light-weight enough for most ATV racks and small carts.


Due to its low initial cost and its compact size, the Mini-Lite is the PCOs best machine for adulticiding, barrier spraying, and spot treatments.


Eliminates pests in and around golf courses, campgrounds, swimming pools, correctional facilities, farms, restaurants, and lumberyards. The optional remote atomizer hose kit enables operation in zero engine emission spray areas or where vehicle travel is prohibited.


Optional accessories:


  • Granular spreader
  • Remote atomizer/host kit
  • Wheel kit


  • Type: Low operating cost aerosol generator, non thermal insecticide
  • Engine: Tanaka PureFire
  • Hourmeter/Tachometer: Digital, displays RPM and accumulated hours for the engine
  • Blower: High speed, rotary type
  • Flow Control: Metering (needle) value
  • Remote Control: Electric
  • Battery: 12 VDC, 7.5 AH sealed
  • Nozzle: Single high output Microtec
  • Boom: Adjustable 360 degree
  • Tanks: Corrosion resistant, Polyethylene. 1.25 Gallons (4.72 liters).  Gasoline: 33.3oz (1 liter)
  • Frame: High strength, welded steel tube
  • Dry Weight: 29 lbs (13.2 kg)
  • Dimensions: 15″ W x 15″ L x 28″ H (38 x 38 x71 cm)


Price: $2,295



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