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Product Green Initiative

We call it “PGI” or “Product Green Initiative”. This is our commitment to always staying focused on designing our products with the least amount of waste and minimal emissions. This initiative is driven by our internal engineering design, our component suppliers and our customer feedback. For example, by redesigning the ignition system on just one of our models, we have eliminated:

  • 20,000 “0” size batteries per year (plus the more than 1,500 boxes needed to ship them)
  • Over 10 tons of shipping weight per year (a direct savings passed onto our customers)
  • 2,500 ignition switches per year
  • 11,250 feet of copper wire (2.13 miles!) per year
  • Fuel savings to create and transport all of the above

As we add this same patented design to more of our models, it is estimated that the above figures will increase by 5-10 times over the next 3-5 years. It should also be noted that the above savings are on one of our pulse-jet engine powered machines. It is one of the only gasoline powered engines in the world that DOES NOT require ANY motor oil or other engine lubricant!

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