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ASC-A10-1 (Fixed-Wing)

ASC-A10H (Rotary-Wing)


ASC-01 Screw, sstl, 10-24 x 3.5" slotted

ASC-02 Cap, Cage, Blue Anod./Engraved

ASC-03 Cage, .095 Large

ASC-04 V-Seal, Rear

ASC-05a Blade Set (3) Balanced (Fixed Wing)

ASC-05h Blade Set (3) Balanced (Rotary Wing)

ASC-06 Body, Main

ASC-07 Bearing Nut Set Screw

ASC-08a Bolt, Stainless AN3C15A

ASC-09a Spring, Secondary Shutoff

ASC-10a Deflector, Delrin Mach.

ASC-10ab Washer, Fender (1.0 x.187 ID)

ASC-10b Seal, Faraprene (1" OD x .25 ID)

ASC-11 Main Shaft, Sstl, machined

ASC-12 Bearing, SKF-6004-2RS

ASC-13 Bearing Spacer, anodized

ASC-15 Snap Ring SN-78

ASC-16 Nut, Bearing H.D. anodized

ASC-17 V-seal, Front

ASC-18 Cap, Blade, Clear Anodized

ASC-19 Screw, sstl, #10 x .75 lg.

ASC-20 Screw, 1/4-20 x .75 lg.

ASC-21 Strut, Main Support (mach. casting)

ASC-22 Adaptor, Spray Head sstl, machined

ASC-22a Adaptor, Spray Head sstl, High Vol.

ASC-23 Kit, orifice (includes 23a, b, c, d)

ASC-23a Orifice, Stamped (#4)

ASC-23b Orifice, Stamped (#8)

ASC-23c Orffice, Stamped (#12)

ASC-23d Orifice, Stamped (#16)

ASC-24 Valve, 3/8" Shutoff

ASC-24a Valve, 1/2" Shutoff

ASC-25 Clamp, sstl. Clampco 93130-250

ASC-25a Clamp, sstl. Clampco 93130-215

ASC-25b Clamp, sstl. "Super Boom" -392

ASC-25d Hose Clamp #6203 sstl.

ASC-25e Diaphragm, High Volume

ASC-25f Diaphragm, small Fairaprene

ASC-26 Front Plate, VO-7 red

ASC-27a O'Ring, -15 Viton

ASC-28 Plate, Numbered Orifice (black)

ASC-29 Black Plate, VO-7 red

ASC-30 Screw, sstl 1/4-20 x 1 for VO-7

ASC-34 Hose, Reinforced PVC (36 inches)

ASC-35 Fitting, Brass Elbow (3400-4, 1/4M x 1/4F 90)

ASC-36 Fitting, Brass (x68HB- 4,1/4 1/2 bib)

ASC-37 Fitting, Brass Elbow (22OZp-6 3/8M x 3/BF 90)

ASC-38 Fitting Brass (68HB 8-6, 3/8 x 1/2 bib)

ASC-39 Fitting, Brass (68HB 8-8, 1/2 x 1/2 bib)

ASC-40 Fifting, Brass (207P-8 (1/2" coupling)

ASC-41 Fitting, Brass (215PN-6, 3/8", Nipple)

ASC-42 Fitting, Brass (219-6-4-2, Plug)

ASC-49 Shaft/Bearing Assy.



ASC-51 VO7 Restrictor Ay. (kit)

ASC-52 Special Bearing Nut Wrench

ASC-53 Nipple, 1/4

ASC-54 Special Wear Plate

ASC-55 Wrench, 5/32" Allen, (in spares kit)

ASC-61 Manual

ASC-62 Pad, Strut Mounting

ASC-63 Wrench, Allen (3/16) used on V07

ASC-64 Tool, Bearing Press

ASC-65 Kit, ASC Spares (Fixed Wing)

ASC-65H Kit, ASC Spares (Helicopter)



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