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This machine is currently on backorder. The current lead time is 16-18 weeks. If you will be needing one of these units we strongly suggest you place your order as soon as possible to avoid any further delays.


The Twister XL-3 is the most impressive ULV backpack applicator in the world. It features a remarkable nozzle and blower system that clearly outperforms the competition in value, durability, and performance.  It boasts the highest flow rates for true (ULV) droplets of any backpack sprayer on the market today. The Twister is designed as a lightweight compact aerosol generator that is ergonomically suited for long periods of use by the operator.


This unit excels in controllling mosquitoes and other flying insects by way of its patented Microtec nozzle that products 90% of the droplets under 20 microns at flow rates under 6.0 oz/min (178 ml/min).  The quick change orifice system allows the operator to increase flow rates resulting in larger droplets produced, which are ideal for leaving a residual deposit on surfaces such as vegetation and walls (battier spraying for mosquitoes and flies).


  • Adulticiding and Barrier Spraying
  • Indoor Applications
  • Vehicle Applications


  • Type: Knapsack/Backpack-Motorized, Aerosol Generator, Non Thermal, Insecticide, Ultra-Low Volume (ULV)
  • Engine: Tanaka, Purefire, 2 cycle, 40cc low emission engine.
  • Blower: High spped Rotary type
  • Flow Control: Interchangeable restricting orifice to produce different flow rates
  • Nozzle: Single high output Microtec nozzle
  • Tank: Corrosion resistant, high density Polythylene
  • Frame: High strength, welded aluminum tube
  • Dry Weight: 26 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14.75″ L (37.5 cm) x 19″ W (48.3cm) x 16″ (41.1cm)


Price: $1,699



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